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Whether you have a simple one page document or a complex multi-page document, you can have it notarized at our office. 

Notarizations are usually performed on a drop-in basis, as available.  You can call ahead to check our availability.  Appointments can also be set for your convenience. 

Please remember to bring at least two pieces of identification bearing your name, both with clear, matching signatures.  Your picture must be on at least one piece of identification.  (In some cases it is possible to do a notarization without your photograph on the identification.  This situation will have to be considered and determined when you are in the office.)

Basically, a notarization involves identifying the person, witnessing the person’s signature and administering an oath or declaration.  It does not include providing legal advice.  Legal advice is an entirely different matter. 

The cost for notarial services depends upon the number of documents involved. You can call for a quote.  If you have a certificate from us (or our previous firm of Norton’s Legal Centre), from previous services, be sure to bring it with you.  We will reduce the fee by the amount of that certificate.